The Studs


Remi is a red & white parti-colored standard poodle. He weighs around 50lbs. This guy’s pups have the most beautiful colors and coats, from red’s, merle and parti colors. 

He is a very smart guy and  full of energy. He loves everyone that he meets and we are so excited to have him as part of our family!


Koda is our 10 lb tri-color toy poodle. He is the biggest sweetheart and we love him so much! 

Koda has beautiful pups and they all have really good temperaments. We are excited to have him in our breeding program.

Koda is not part of our Stud program unfortunately but we have some other beautiful poodle studs that will be available in 2022.


Liam is our 10 lb toy poodle, he is the sweetest, cuddliest little guy. He has had many beautiful puppies. His puppies have great temperaments and personalities. 


This guy is just an adorable little bundle. He carries the intense red and his coat has gotten darker the older he is. He has really nice litters and they all have great personalities as well. 

He is a very sweet little guy weighing in around 12lb. 


Ryder is one of Sage’s pups who is one or Remi’s pups….and Koda is his dad. He has some great genetics. He is just new to the program as well and will hopefully have his first litter in a couple months.

He reminds us of Remi so much, great personality for sure and very outgoing!


Asher is a tri merle mini poodle. We are excited to have him in our program and his puppies have been amazing. He has one blue eye and all his pups will have the normal length of legs. 

He is a friendly outgoing little guy and loves playing outside. 


We are so excited to have this guy in our program. He is an f1b goldendoodle with beautiful white markings. We are waiting for his first litters to be born. 

He is just a friendly guy all around. He gets along so well with the other dogs.

The Bernedoodle Moms


Ellie is f1 Bernedoodle. She has a beautiful curly coat. She loves treats and playing with the other dogs. She weighs around 77lbs.

She is a wonderful mother. She has beautiful pups, with Remi she has lots of different colors. She is having her last litter this fall.


Nikki is a multi gen standard bernedoodle. She was born here at FRK and is full of energy. 

She has had her first litter of pups and is doing an amazing job with them. 


Reba is a beautiful Bernese Mt dog. She weighs in at 80 lbs and has such a great personality.

She has had her first litter of 12 pups and doing an amazing job with them.  

The Goldendoodle Moms


Ava is a mini red F1b Goldendoodle. Full grown she should weigh around 20lbs. She has the deepest red coat and is an amazing mama!

She has beautiful red pups with white markings.  

She is a lively little girl and loves playing with all the other mini pups. 


Amber is expecting her second litter. Her last litter with Liam was amazing. She was an amazing mom kept everyone so clean and well taken care of.  

She is a F1 standard size Goldendoodle. She has the most beautiful colored coat. 

She is really sweet and loves to get hugs and plays well with the rest of the gang. 


Mina is a beautiful f1b mini goldendoodle. She is a chocolate merle parti goldendoodle. She has had a two litters of beautiful pups. 


Willow is a 57 lb English Golden Retriever. She is always exploring and can always be found carrying something around in her mouth. She loves the dog pool in the summer and will spent hours out there.    


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