The Studs


Toby is one of Malleah and Jack’s pups. He is a F1bb He has the most beautiful color and coat. He has really pretty puppies. 

He weighs around 20lbs and is really sweet, loves meeting new people and going to the groomer. 


Duke has had his first litter of puppies at Rock Run Kennels. His puppies are adorable.  He is a f1b mini Bernedoodle. We can’t wait till 2022 when we will have our own puppies with him as the dad. 


Remi is a red & white parti-colored standard poodle. He weighs around 50lbs. This guy’s pups have the most beautiful colors and coats, from red’s, merle and parti colors. 

He is a very smart guy and  full of energy. He loves everyone that he meets and we are so excited to have him as part of our family!


Jack is our 14lb red mini poodle. This guy came to us at a year old and was not socialized at all. He has come so far in the time that he has been with us and now is the friendliest little guy. 

He has the cutest, curliest pups ever. Beautiful non-shedding coats and sweet tempered babies. 


Liam is our 10lb toy poodle, he is the sweetest, cuddliest little guy. He has had one litter of pups and they are beautiful. 


Koda is our 10 lb tri-color toy poodle. He is the biggest sweetheart and we love him so much! 

Koda has beautiful pups and they all have really good temperaments.  

We are excited to have him in our breeding program 

The Bernedoodle Moms


Annie is our 80lb Bernese Mountain Dog. She is a little more timid but is a great mama and protects and takes care of her babies so well.

She has just had her last litter of mini Bernedoodles and they are adorable. She has been an amazing mom and we will miss her so much. 

She was our first Bernese and we fell in love with her. We have added three new Bernese and will have pups with them in 2022.  This breed is so much fun. 


Bella is one of two sister that we own. She is a F1 Bernedoodle and is smaller weighing only 45lb. She is a real sweetheart. She loves her humans so much and is a great mama. 

She has had a few litters of some very pretty puppies. Great temperaments and coats.


Ellie is another sister from a different mother. She has a beautiful curly coat. She loves treats and playing with the other dogs. She weighs around 77lbs.

She is a wonderful mother. She has beautiful pups, with Remi she has lots of different colors and she is having her first litter with CJ any time.


This girl comes from my home town in Ontario, Canada. She weighs around 60lbs. She has had one litter of puppies and did a great job of being a mom. 


Raven is one of two sisters. She is a mini F1 Bernedoodle and will weigh around 40lbs.  They both have the shorter legs and stocky body.

Raven is outgoing and full of energy and not scared of anyone. She will take all the attention she can get. We can’t wait until these girls have their first babies in 2020.


Sadie is the other sister. She is more shy and content to lay around and sleep all day. We are excited about their  puppies and can’t wait until they are momma’s. 


The Goldendoodle Moms


Carly is a 55lb F1 goldendoodle. She is the daughter of Aerie our Golden Retriever. She is beautiful inside and out. She has the best personality. 

She has had three litters of puppies and is a great momma!


Ava is a mini red F1b Goldendoodle. Full grown she should weigh around 20lbs. She has the deepest red coat and we can’t wait to meet her puppies in 2020. 

She is a lively little girl and loves playing with all the other mini pups. 


Katie is one of Carly & Remi’s puppies. She is a F1b red & white parti-colored goldendoodle. She will weigh around 50lbs full grown. 

She absolutely loves life and she will entertain herself for hours playing with her best friend Willow. 


This little girl was the first of the mini’s for us. She is one of our favorite dogs. Our daughter has claimed her as her own and has spent many hours of training her. 

She is F1b mini goldendoodle and weighs 20lbs  


Willow is English Golden Retriever. We love this girl so much and she is always carrying something in her mouth. She is so full of life and she has unbelievable energy. She loves water and in the summer you can find her in her swimming pool. She weighs 60 lbs.

She is expecting her first litter this spring and we can’t wait to meet her puppies.


Gracie is an English golden retriever. She is the sweetest girl. She weighs around 70lb. She has the cutest puppies with the best temperaments and coats. We are hoping to have a litter of pups with her in the fall of 2020.


Amber is a new mom to the program too. She is expecting her first litter of puppies (hopefully) She is a F1 standard size Goldendoodle. She has the most beautiful colored coat. 

She is really sweet and loves to get hugs and plays well with the rest of the gang. 


Sage is a standard Poodle. She is one of Remi’s puppies. She has just had her first litter or puppies and is a wonderful mom. She is full of energy and loves her play time. 

We are keeping two of her pups  for our breeding program and can’t wait to see all the cute puppies the will have. 


Willow is a 57 lb English Golden Retriever. She is always exploring and can always be found carrying something around in her mouth. She loves the dog pool in the summer and will spent hours out there.