Family Raised Doodles in Goshen, IN. Goldendoodles & Bernedoodles

Available Puppies in Goshen, Indiana

Prices for Bernedoodle Puppies

  • Merle tri color ~ $3500 – $4000 
  • Traditional tri color ~ $3000 – $4000 
  • Sable tri color ~ $2500 – $2800
  • Premium white markings ~ $2000 – $2500
  • Phantoms ~ $2500 – $3000

Prices for Goldendoodle Puppies

  • Standard f1b ~ $2000 – $2500
  • Mini/Medium f1 ~ $2000 – $2200
  • Mini/Medium f1b ~ $2000 – $2500
  • Mini f1b ~ $2000 – $2500
  • Second generation – $2000-$2500

Upcoming Litters

Sadie and Tyler (Koda’s brother from Pine Creek Kennels) will be having pups and she is due November 13th. So excited to meet these puppies after waiting for a few extra months. We expect them to weigh 15-25 lb.

Raven & Koda are due the same day as Sadie and we are excited about her litter too. We are expecting tricolors from both litters. We are taking deposits for both litters.  

Malleah & Jack will also be having another litter of f1bb Goldendoodles late winter, they have adorable little pups weighing 15-20 lbs. Colors are apricot to red with some white markings. Deposit list is full.

Annie our Bernese Mountain Dog will be having a litter around November 10th. Skydiver from Pine Creek Kennels is the father and will have tricolor and merle pups.  Expected weight for these is 20-45 lbs. These will be F1 mini/medium size with wavy coats and low to non shed. Deposit list is full.

Ellie our f1 Bernedoodle is pregnant too and CJ is the dad, they should some have beautiful pups. We are expecting tricolors.  These coats are generally wavy to curly and low to non shed. These will be standard size 60-85 lb. Deposit list is full.

Willow our English Golden Retriever will also be having a litter the middle of November. Jack is the father  and her puppies will be f1 mini/medium. They will weigh 25-40 lb. Deposit list is full.

Deposits for these litters are filling up, when you do a deposit specify male or female and what litter you are reserving for.  Whatever gender you choose you will need to pick from those first.  We do the best we can to get everyone the puppy they want. 

Upcoming Litters at Fawn River Kennels

Parents of the Puppies

3 Easy Steps to Reserve Your Puppy Today

First of all thank you for choosing Fawn River Kennels to purchase your new puppy. We are committed to making sure you and your family get the best suited puppy. By filling out these forms you will be put on a list for the litter you specified in the order that we receive them. If you are wanting a future litter we will contact you when that litter is to be born. Your deposit is good for any puppy at any time from Fawn River Kennels.