Family Raised Doodles in Goshen, IN. Goldendoodles & Bernedoodles

Available Puppies in Goshen, Indiana

Upcoming Litters

Ellie & Remi are expecting standard f1b Bernedoodle puppies the end of April. They always have a variety of colors, Merle tri, traditional tri and reds & chocolates. They have really beautiful pups. Prices will vary from $3000-$4000. Taking deposits.

Carly & Jack will have f1b mini/medium Goldendoodle pups ranging from 20-45lb. They have the cutest puppies. They will range from red to apricot and can have white markings. She is due the end of April as well. Price will be $2500-$3000. Taking deposits.

Sage is a small standard poodle, she is a first time mom and she is bred to Koda our toy poodle. She is due around May 1st.  So first time have purebred poodles. We are not sure what to expect in colors. They will weight around 15-35lb. Prices will depend of colors and range from $2500-$4000. Taking deposits.

Gracie & Liam are due the same day as Sage around May 1st. They will be f1 mini/medium Goldendoodle puppies. They will weigh around 20-40lb. We are expecting some cream and apricot and could have some red and some white markings. They will be priced around $2000-$3000 depending on colors. Taking deposits.

Ava & Toby will be having f2b mini Goldendoodle puppies. They will weigh around 15-25lb. They are red usually with white markings. Prices will be $3000. Deposit list is full.

Malleah & Jack will be having a litter as well the beginning of May. They always have the cutest pups. They are f1bb mini Goldendoodles. Colors range from cream to red. Prices will be $2500-$3000.

Annie & Woody (stud from a friends kennel)will be having a litter of tri-colored mini/medium f1 Bernedoodles. She is due the middle of May.  They will weigh around 25-45lb. Price will be $4000

Willow & Jack are expecting too for the middle of May. They will have a litter of f1 mini/medium puppies weighing around 20-45lb. The colors are usually cream to a dark apricot. Prices will be $2000-$3000.

Upcoming Litters at Fawn River Kennels

The deposit lists for these litters fill up pretty quickly. When you do your deposit specify on your purchase agreement which gender and what litter/litters you are putting your deposit on. Those are what you will pick from first if you change your litter you will go to the bottom of that list. We do our best to fit your family with the best puppy for you. 

At around 5-6 weeks we will set up a time where you can pick your puppy out. We can face time or you are welcome to come visit the kennel. You will pick in the order of deposits. 

Your puppy will be ready to go home at 8 weeks old. We will have started crate training with the whole litter and they will be using the doggy door to go potty. We hold each puppy every day and work with them to socialize them. We recommend training with a trainer for best results.

We will send your puppy home with a puppy pack filled with a bag of food, supplements for the transition/stress, snuggle pet, chew toy and a blanket. 

Your folder will contain all the information you need. The vet record with the shots, wormer and flea/tick treatment. Info on the puppy food, vitamins supplements and microchip. Your puppy will be microchipped with an AKC microchip you will need to register it when you get home. 


Parents of the Puppies

3 Easy Steps to Reserve Your Puppy Today

First of all thank you for choosing Fawn River Kennels to purchase your new puppy. We are committed to making sure you and your family get the best suited puppy. By filling out these forms you will be put on a list for the litter you specified in the order that we receive them. If you are wanting a future litter we will contact you when that litter is to be born. Your deposit is good for any puppy at any time from Fawn River Kennels.