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You’re excited and so is your puppy. In order to help the transition go smoothly, here is information on giardia, tips, and helpful products for new puppy parents.

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Giardia: What is it?

Giardia is a parasite found in the small intestines of many species, including dogs. It is very commonly found in puppies and dogs. Giardia is microscopic, which means you can’t find it in your dog’s stool.

Fawn River Kennels treats every puppy before they leave the kennel. However, sometimes the stress of moving into a new home can cause it to flare up.

Here is some more information about giardia that you might find helpful.

Helping Your Puppy Adjust to Its New Home

The first few days of bringing a new puppy home can be overwhelming. These are some tips for you so you can have a smooth transition:

  1. Choose a Potty Spot: You should start by taking your puppy to an outside spot where you want him to go potty. Be sure to use a command like “go potty” so the puppy can learn. 
  2. Introduce Your Puppy to Its New Home: Introduce your house to your puppy one room at a time. This will prevent a sensory overload and allows the puppy to get used to its new surroundings slowly.
  3. Introduce Your Puppy to Family Members: Try to let your puppy meet each family member individually.
  4. Chew toys: Puppies like to chew so be sure to provide safe puppy chew toys.
    Sleeping Space: show the puppy their sleeping space, which could either be a crate or a dog bed.
  5. Keep a close eye on your puppy: It’s important for your puppy to stay supervised within the early days.
  6. Start enforcing rules: It’s critical that your puppy learns rules from the beginning. This is becaused the more structured and consistent its day is, the better adjusted it will be. Don’t yell or punish the puppy as this will only frighten and confuse it.
  7. Take things slow: Under your supervision, gradually expand the puppy’s environment. With lots of affection, consistent rules and routine, rewards for good behavior, and gentle corrections, your puppy will adjust in no time.

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