Judith Brooks – Three Rivers, MI


It was my great good fortune to discover Fawn River Kennels during my search for a reputable Doodle breeder. Robin and Trina are conscientious, caring, professional and obviously love their animals and what they do. I was allowed to visit my chosen puppy several times before she was old enough to come home. Every visit illustrated that the entire family is actively involved in raising these very healthy, happy and beautiful dogs. The facilities are always clean, comfortable and well managed. Isabella Mae (Miles x Arya) is calm yet playful, confident, independent, curious, exceptionally intelligent, trusting and super cuddly. The socialization, early training and love she received at Fawn River Kennels has paved the way for a long and successful life. She is an amazingly quick student and my constant, loving companion. Take it a from me, Fawn River Kennels is my breeder of choice and could be yours too. Be sure to check out the online training with which they are affiliated. Great info.

Maureen Fingerman – Chicago, IL


The very thoughtful breeder. Very easy to work with, very patient when you have a dozen questions. I got my puppy, Peanut from them this past Monday. She is a mini golden doodle with a beautiful, brownish red coat. It’s been a while since I had a puppy. I was a little nervous, but she obviously was trained well to potty outside and crate training is getting easier. It may be her temperament, but the stock of dogs that are bred here must be very fine. Robin and his wife run a great business and haven’t missed a beat at what a new pet owner may need. Picking up your pup you receive a goody bag of info from pet insurance to microchipping your pet? Which they do for you. A bag of food, toys and a blanket. It’s all so warm a fuzzy and sweet and thoughtful. I was highly recommended to them and I will do the same to others.

Olivia Nadler – Coppell, TX


Fawn River Kennels is just an amazing breeder to work with. Robin is fully vested in the livelihood of the puppies and their health. He is focused on elevating the world of breeding healthy doodles and partnering with families on this journey. His facilities are pristine! He sends the puppies home with everything they need to transition smoothly. We learned a lot about all the “extras” that are needed, like vitamins , that set him apart from other breeders. He also continued to check in on us when we brought the puppy home and continuously after. He is a partner and fully vested in the puppy and their new family. We have worked with other breeders before and have to say that Fawn River Kennels is the BEST breeder we have ever worked with and far exceeded our expectations. Our puppy has been a perfect addition to our family and so grateful that our friend recommended Robin as the breeder to work with!

Mary Nelson – Lake Zurich, IL


The moment I went on the website and called and spoke to Robin, I knew this was the breeder that I wanted to work with to find the perfect puppy for my adult daughter with special needs. Robin answered all of my questions, sent videos and was very patient with me. Once we visited the kennels, I was thoroughly impressed with how clean, warm and welcoming it was. My daughter fell in love with a puppy and we eventually brought her home to celebrate my daughters 25th birthday. We couldn’t be happier with our new puppy! Robin even checked in to see how things were going. Wonderful experience right from the beginning! Our vet was extremely impressed with how happy and healthy our new puppy is! Thank you Robin and Fawn River Kennels!!!


Angie Strayer – South Whitley, IN


We got Greyson (now Chewy) in March 2022. Fawn River was wonderful to work with and kept in contact with us during Chewy’s transition into out home. They were available for questions and help. Chewy has the best personality, loves everyone he comes in contact with. He settled into our home and schedule effortlessly. Not only would (and actually have already) we recommend Fawn River to anyone but we would not hesitate going back to them for another dog as well.


Robin Brown – Alpine, CA


We adopted Mary (now Norah) from Fawnriver Kennels. I was nervous not having ever purchased a puppy that needed to be shipped. Robin was amazing. He FaceTimed me with the puppy and walked me through the process. Our puppy came to San Diego with a loving nanny. She is the ABSOLUTE BEST puppy. Highly recommend and welcome anyone who needs some reassurance to contact me.


Mary & Dave – South Lyon, MI


Josie’s vet told us she was a great find! Happy, healthy, adorable and unbelievably smart. Robin and Trina take great pride in raising happy and healthy pups.

Shalyn Jones – Fort Thomas, KY


A giant thanks to Robin and Trina at Fawn River Kennels for making not only our dreams come true but our family complete. They were there for us from the very beginning by answering all our questions and helping us through each step of the puppy adoption process. Four years ago, our family dog passed away tragically due to health issues related to breeding. It was extremely important to us that our next puppy be in perfect health. I completed an extensive amount of research on breeders and the health of their puppies, and Fawn River Kennels exceeded our expectations. Not only do their dogs have amazing health lines, they are given exceptional medical care. I described our desires for a pup to Robin and he knew exactly what litter would “fit” with our family’s lifestyle. Our baby, Benny (formally Bobby from Annie and Sky Diver’s litter) is an absolute blessing. He is extremely intelligent, absolutely gorgeous, friendly, loves the water and outdoors, and is the best cuddle bug there is!

Barenbrugge Family – Naperville, IL

2021We had a wonderful experience with Fawn River Kennels and would recommend them to anyone. Robin and Trina are great with communication and patient with questions. They have even kept in touch after bringing our puppy home. Our bernedoodle puppy, Sammi, has been the best addition to our family. She was comfortable with us immediately, so I could tell she had been well socialized and cared for. Her transition into our family was seamless and she just fit right in! She’s very loving and great with our kids. Thank you Robin and Trina!

 Alison Christensen – Osceola, IN


We got Addy(Born 11/30/19, Bella & Remi) in January of 2020. She is the goofiest, most loyal and happy dog. I knew it was time to get her a brother or sister and we brought home Titus (now Tiki, born 11/14/20, Sadie & Tyler). Tiki has been adventurous, and has easily adjusted to being a little brother. Fawn River is hands down the best! Robin and Trina are excellent in communicating and raising healthy, happy, and loyal pups.

Massimo & Heather -Staten Island, New York


There are not enough amazing things we could say about Fawn River Kennels! We were a little nervous about getting a puppy from so far away, as we live in New York, but Robin was an absolute dream to work with from start to finish! He communicated with us and sent pictures to update us every step of the way! Our puppy Oliver has been the perfect addition to our family. He adjusted so well and so quickly to his new environment! He is the most playful and lovable puppy. He has such a friendly personality and loves to welcome visitors with hugs and kisses! His temperament is outstanding and the fact that he loves to be active but also relax and cuddle is a big plus! I love posting pictures and communicating with the other families who chose puppies from Fawn River on the family Facebook page also. We are so glad that we were referred to Fawn River Kennels and will continue to recommend them to all! Thank you for blessing us with our perfect puppy! We couldn’t be happier!

Zambuto Family -Park Ridge, IL


Our family is very lucky to have met Robin and Fawn River Kennels. Robin was very understanding and compassionate with us knowing this was our first puppy. Fawn River Kennels cares for their puppies and litters. They treat all the puppies as if they are their own and part of their family. Robin was very patient with us and helped us through this exciting time for our family. We have a wonderful, smart, mini Goldendoodle. He is the best addition to our family. Thank you to Robin and Trina for having good dogs for parents. We are so lucky to have met them and to have had this wonderful experience with them. Robin provided many updates to our entire family throughout the months as we awaited for our puppy. He answered our many questions and was always understanding. Our Luigi is now 7 months old and we did send him to a two week training when we first got him. The trainer even felt our dog was extremely smart and told us she could see how well the breeder cared for his puppies.


Iwona Szaflarsk – Justice, IL


Fawn River Kennels made our family’s dream come true! They are not just a breeder, but a family that cares. They went above and beyond to make sure we get the perfect puppy for our family. They care for their dogs, and you can definitely tell by their loving temperament, and health. This is definitely the family you want to get your dog through! Thank you for all that you do for these dogs and families!



Kristy & Derek – Clinton, CT


Our family had a wonderful experience Fawn River. Our puppy Charlie fits in perfectly with our family and truly couldn’t be happier. Robin was extremely patient with me as I asked on average 20 questions a day. From start to finish with this experience was exceptional. We received constant updates and still do after having our puppy for 5 months. Our family is so blessed with our guy, we honestly cant wait to put our names on another wait list.
Megan & Matt Helmen & Family -Carmel, IN


I wanted to wait until our sweet Nellie was over a year old, so that I could give you a legit testimony after she is grown. Nellie is a pup from Aerie and Jack’s 4/2019 litter. She is silly and fun with a big personality and a sense of humor! She loves all people, is great with kids and loves to play with any dog she meets! She loves water and jumps in and swims with my kids at our lake house!! She plays in every sprinkler we pass by on walks and she entertained all in her puppy swim classes each week, by running up the steps and jumping far into the pool and swimming across easily! She is smart and eager to please. She is now in advanced training dog classes. She loves to curl up and cuddle next to anyone or have her belly petted. She is easy to have around and goes with the flow of whatever our busy family is doing. Robin with Fawn River Kennels has been wonderful to work with and always answers my texts and questions within a day, usually within the hour. ❤️

Schnepf/Baldino Family


After losing our beloved 10 year-old labradoodle, Cole, we decided we were ready for a puppy, and had our hearts set on a bernedoodle. After researching our options, we decided on Fawn River. From the very start of the process, Robyn was extremely prompt and attentive to questions. He seemed to genuinely care about matching us with the right puppy, and making sure we were good candidates for adoption. He kept us updated on the litters until we found a good match. Once we chose Scout, he sent us periodic updates of pictures and videos as she grew to the point of being ready to come home. On the day of adoption, he conscientiously went through all of the important details that we needed to know to be on top of the new puppy. From the very beginning, it was obvious that she was well-bred and healthy. From the first ride home, she’s been a joy. So much so, in fact, that we adopted her sister, Daisy, a month later. I cannot say enough good things about Fawn River. Thank you for your gift to our family!

Stacie Holzinger – Kenilworth, NJ


I don’t even know where to begin. We had such an amazing experience from start to finish.
I first saw Gracie (now Shelby) on their website and fell instantly in love. When I reached out to inquire I had a million questions. Every single question I had was answered with patience, care, honesty and did I mention patience (LOL).

Shelby was going to be a gift from Santa which was going to be hard to pull off. But not a worry as everything was handled perfectly. We had Shelby delivered to us just in time for Santa to deliver her. She came to us just as described, with perfectly organized paperwork, treats and more. She was happy, social and already pretty well trained. The best part is, they check in even after she is no longer “their responsibility”…..that shows how much love they have for their pups.

Communication was top notch, Shelby is top notch, everything about my experience has been top notch. We will forever be loyal to fawn River.


Kimbro Family – Granger, IN 


We can’t thank Fawn River Kennels enough for this little lover! We brought Sheldon home just in time for Christmas. (He is formerly Carter from Annie and Patrick’s October litter.). He is the sweetest, most lovable, and energetic little boy. We just returned home from his first vet visit which he passed with flying colors because it’s obvious that Robin and his family care greatly about all their animals. He is also adjusting very well and we are thrilled to have him in our family. Robin and his family have been amazing to work with. They are super responsive to all questions and phone calls (and believe me – we had a lot!). They have also checked up on him since he’s been home! We would highly recommend Fawn River Kennels to anyone looking for a fur baby to love!


Candi Barrett – Seminole FL


I have been searching for a Bernedoodle for over a year. I have looked at many different breeders online but for one reason or another, I never followed through with an application…THEN I saw my Penelope formerly Eva born 5.29.19 from Hayla & Remi litter. It was love at first sight! I filled out an application with Fawn Rivers Kennels and spoke with Robin on the phone. I had reservations with buying a puppy in Indiana when I lived in Florida. Robin reassured me everything would work out fine. After discussing transportation for Penelope with Robin, it was decided ground transportation would be best. Not only did Robin texted me the day Penelope left Fawn Rivers Kennel, but kept me updated with location and pictures every step of the way. I am so thankful I waited for the perfect puppy from the perfect breeder!

John Slack – Columbus, OH


I just wanted to take a moment to say Thanks to Fawn River Kennels. It all starts from the time you speak to Robyn he asks what type of puppy attitude weight possible disposition and he is very good at what he does. I must have spoke to him at least 8-10 times and he always had time for me to answer any questions we had. When you do get to pick up your new member of your family you will notice many very well kept and maintained dogs and the kennel is also clean and orderly to the point that you can feel at ease knowing your new puppy comes from a great place, I even wanted to meet our new fur baby’s mother and father. I had just about a 5 hour drive home Robyn called a couple times to check to see how the trip was going that was a very nice touch. After we made it home our family changed and for the good. Robyn checks on the family and the new arrival to the home, by texting and phone calls. That is because he cares not only for the puppy but the entire family. We picked out baby up May 1st and now we are into November and we still have contact with Robyn and Fawn River Kennels. There is even a Fawn River Kennels family web site that is very nice to be able to exchange information on the puppy’s litter mates. The entire experience from start to present day is and was fabulous. Thank you Fawn River Kennels and Robyn for providing loving companion and family member we would not trade her for the world. If we decide to add another puppy to our home there is no need to go anywhere else we would go rite to the best of the best and that is Fawn River Kennels.

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Olivia Cabanban & John Danielson -Carmel, IN


We have had such an amazing experience with Fawn River Kennels! From the moment we walked in, we could tell that Robin and his family are committed to breeding quality, loving puppies. From the beginning, Robin stayed in contact with us and answered any questions that we had in a very timely manner. When we asked for weekly puppy updates, he provided us with great pictures, updates on growth, and his personality development. It felt as if we part of the Fawn River family. Once we brought our puppy home, they stayed in contact with us to insure that he was happy, healthy, and doing well. We would not have chosen any other breeder, and we love our Rufus so much! After researching many breeders throughout the Midwest, we are so glad we found Fawn River Kennels! We highly recommend visiting the kennel if you are considering FRK, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for all you do, this has been a wonderful experience and we will be sure to recommend!

Gay Family – Yucaipa, CA


We purchased our girl from Carly and Remi’s April 14 2019 litter. We were very apprehensive about purchasing a puppy and having her shipped from another state as we had never done this before, But Robin made this whole process super easy, he took care of everything and kept us in the loop all along the way. They even kept our girl an extra 10 days because we had a vacation planned. We are so happy we purchased Willow from FRK she is so sweet and very smart, And we could not be happier. We would highly recommend Fawn River Kennels to anyone looking for a new puppy. I know we will be repeat customers!

Toni Bailey – Elkhart, IN


Fawn River Kennels and our Gus have been a blessing to our family.
Having a breeder who genuinely cares and follows up with us to see how he’s doing is great and means the world to us. The best breeder we have ever dealt with.

The Watson Family – Granger, IN


We picked up our sweet Murphy boy in June 2019. He is from Aerie and Jack’s April 2019 litter. He is incredibly sweet and smart, quick to potty and crate train, and an excellent family dog. We love him to pieces. Robin and his family are amazing to work with. They answer all questions, allow visits, give all the information needed at pick up, and even check in on your puppy/you after the fact! Fawn River Kennels is a must! You won’t regret it in the least!

Allen-Chan Family – Lowell, MA


Robin and his family at Fawn River Kennels made our little family complete. Our goldendoodle puppy we received this past June is healthy and happy as can be, and he sweetest temperament. Robin was so helpful and attentive every step of the way, and made us feel so reassured in our long distance adoption of our puppy. Having the option to have her shipped to us via car made all the difference. We can’t imagine our lives without her- she’s our baby girl! Thank you so much for everything Fawn River Kennels! ❤️

Lu Hurley – Hudson, New Hampshire


From the minute I laid my eyes on Milo’s picture, I knew he had to be mine. Milo is from Suri and Remi’s first litter. We became a family this past Memorial Day weekend and we couldn’t be happier. Milo is such a love and has brought so much joy to our family. Robin was amazing to work with! And when it’s time to get Milo a sibling I will certainly reach out to Fawn River Kennels.

The Rice Family – Elkhart, IN


This was a long hunt for the perfect dog that I could handle with my allergies! Fawn River Kennels worked with me and let me visit the puppies on a couple occasions. I fell in love and was able to have the puppies crawl all over me with no problems. We adopted Tarah and she is the perfect dog for our family. We named her Belle and she is the center of our family! She is so calm and is great with children. Thank you Fawn River!!

Camarra – Berne, IN


Fawn River Kennels has been fantastic to work with from the very start! We picked out a puppy in person and then they sent new pictures as she grew. They were even gracious enough to let us come visit our puppy again when she was around seven weeks old. They have a beautiful and clean kennel and it’s obvious they really care about their puppies and their clients.
Our puppy “Merlot” is so sweet and smart. She loves to cuddle and is doing great with potty training.
If you are looking for a breeder, this place is the best!

The Menon Family – Granger, IN


We adopted our puppy around Christmas last year.. we love our little puppy!! She is full of energy.. she just loves kids .. and is very smart!!!?

The Jackson Family – IL


From the very beginning of our interaction with this first class breeder we were blown away! Robin is amazing! Always kept us up to date and answered any questions we had along the way. These pups are in such an amazing, clean and loving environment and so well cared for. Upon bringing our baby home with us, Robin has continued to maintain communication with us and check in our pup and how she is doing. These folks clearly care deeply about what they are doing. We could simply not be happier!

The Frederick’s Family – Punta Gorda, FL


We cannot thank you enough for the amazing puppies that you breed. Davidson joined out family in early April and he is an incredible little boy. He loves to play with his big brother Harley and sleep next to him when they are done. We were only going to be a one dog family as Harley was approaching 2, then I found this website and read about your family and the kind of puppies you have, and I can only say thank God I did! Aside from how smart, kind and loving Davidson is he absolutely handsome!! Thank you, Thank you, thank you. I want everyone to know who visited your website, I cannot speak for other breeders, but I can for Fawn River, and I am here to tell you that you cannot go wrong adding a member to your family from Fawn River… Truly an incredible family providing incredible puppies…

Shannan – Des Moines, IA


I have had the pleasure of being Dexter the bernedoodle’s mommy for a month now. He follows me everywhere in the house and is very personable with humans and other dogs. He is excelling at training and parading around the neighborhood on walks. Fawn River was communicative, caring, and have a gorgeous facility. I can’t wait to see how he is going to develop as the already gets a lot of attention as a stand-in as a teddy bear. Thank you for such an enjoyable and healthy boy.

Kevin – Scituate, MA


Bailey is now 6 months old. She is a fabulous addition to our family. She is smart, affectionate,

playful and yet a little aloof (which we like in a dog).

Bailey turns heads wherever we go.

We have a 13 year old daughter and the two of them are great together. So happy we connected with Fawn River Kennels.

Amy & Family – Cedar Rapids, IA


We absolutely love our bernedoodle Willow. She has a great temperament and loves everyone she comes in contact with. She is trained to ring the bells on the door to go potty and now rings the bells when she wants to go out to pla y. She will sit, stay, shake, high five and we are working on lay down. We take three walks a day to go exploring!! We had a great experience with Fawn River Kennels and Willow has completed our family.

The Hill Family – Spring Lake, MI


Fawn River Kennels has made our family complete! We welcomed “Bruno” (Sullivan) home on 1/31/18 and couldn’t be happier with our experience from picking him out to meeting him and bringing him home to our three boys! From the beginning Fawn River Kennels has been so responsive and has shown their true love for these puppies and future owners. Anything I asked, they promptly answered and even since picking him up they have checked in with us several times to see how things are going  I would recommend Fawn River Kennels to anyone looking for an addition to their family. Our Bernedoodle is beautiful, and is adjusting well in our home.

Deb – Mishawaka, IN


I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Fawn River Kennels. Robin kept updating prospective “parents”/”families” with pictures and progress of the litter. He responded right away with questions etc. I have had my little girl for just a few weeks and she’s adjusted very comfortably. Thank you for giving me so much joy.

Nicole – San Diego, CA


We purchased our sweet Labradoodle online after much research, and were not disappointed! He passed all of his medical exams with flying colors, and we couldn’t be happier with our puppy! Thank you, you’ve enriched our lives!


Rich & Janet – Valencia, CA


My fiancé and I have been looking for a Labradoodle for the better part of 6 years. We chose this breed because of their history of being one of the favorites for those with allergies, plus as an emotional therapy dog to help me with with being affected with PTSD. I have personally looked at literally over 30 web sites that are breeders. Sadly, out of over 30 searches and doing my homework, I have found several that are nothing more than a puppy mill. I have suffered from PTSD for well over 25 years and pretty much gave up looking for a legit breeder. Unbeknownst to me a couple of days ago, I think it was 9 Dec, we went to pick him up at the airport. My birthday puppy was so excited wagging his tail before I got the door open. When he came out of his crate he immediately came to me as though he had been reunited with a long lost friend. When I picked him up he put his paws on my shoulder and rested his head on my neck as if he was asking me to never let go. I made that promise to him. Since we had him, he has been an unbelievably good puppy. I think it is safe to say he is very close to being house trained. I was expecting a struggle in the beginning, but I know it will not be a problem at all. He rings some bells we bought for him that he uses when he wants to go outside to take care of business. He is so well behaved and affectionate that I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. That is not going to happen either. When I looked at Fawn Rivers’s Kennels web site, I was blown away with how clean it is. The environment he was born into is absolutely perfect. Robin and Trina are the epitome of what you should find in a quality breeder. Robin and Trina have been a strong support for us. I cannot emphasize enough the quality in their kennel. If you are in search of a Labradoodle I highly recommend working with these two wonderful people. They will provide you with a very loving puppy.

Jenna – St. Joe MI


We are absolutely thrilled and in loved with our puppy that we purchased from Robin.  He has been super easy to train and has the best temperament!  Even our vet stated this is exactly the personality she looks for when choosing a new family member!  We would not consider getting a puppy anywhere else, thank you Robin!!

Andrew & Tara – Beech Grove IN


Working with Fawn River Kennels was great!  We had reached out in January when we knew we were wanting a doodle.  It wasn’t the right time, but they gave us good information and were friendly.

Fast forward a few months to early June– we couldn’t wait any longer. We saw the perfect puppy on their Facebook page and inquired right away. A few days later we made the 3+ hour drive to pick up our new family member, Duke. We made our down payment on paypal so it was simple and convenient.

Upon arrival, we were introduced to Duke who had just gotten a bath, given a file with Duke’s paperwork which was discussed in it’s entirety.  We were also given a sample of his food so we could keep him on the same diet until ours came in the mail.  The process was simple!
After a few days Fawn River Kennels even followed up with us to make sure Duke was doing well!
Now on to Duke–He is the best puppy we could have ever asked for!  We would highly recommend getting your next puppy at Fawn River Kennels.

Thank you Fawn River Kennels!


Navidad Family- Califorina


Since our Labradoodle, Tobi, came into our lives on February 25, 2017, it has been nothing but pure joy for our family. He was only 8 weeks old when we picked him up, but so well behaved, smart and friendly. He’s our very first puppy and has made our experience so easy and fun. He responds very well and can already do a few tricks in just a few weeks! Our kids, family and friends just adore him so much. Thank you to Robin and family for raising such a healthy and adorable puppy that has enriched our lives. We look forward to the many more wonderful years and memories that he will bring to our family.

Brooke – Goshen, IN


We bought Ollie in 2015 and have been so impressed with his demeanor and energetic personality! He is such a smart dog who gets along well with other dogs. We’re especially impressed with the way he behaves around kids! Ollie loves to play and has always had a happy personality. We can’t say enough great things about the puppy we bought from Robin!

Brent & Kathrine – Lowell, IN


We picked up our perfect pup, Harper, on December 10, 2016 and brought her home where she adapted easily and quickly to her new surroundings! Her temperament has been unbelievable, she loves new people and making new puppy friends and she’s great with small children. Harper is very playful, she loves cuddling and is extremely smart. She loves water and being outside, she’s great at fetch and knows the give command. She has also mastered sit, stay and heal. Harper enjoys going for walks and likes to sniff out squirrels and pheasants. Overall we could not be happier with our Harper!

Dale & Debbie – Pittsboro, IN


We could not have been happier with Robin and Fawn River Kennels. Our goldendoodle was just one week old when we committed to Robin that we would take her. It has been a great experience. Robin sent us pictures almost weekly as she grew until 8 weeks when we were finally able to pick her up. We named our goldendoodle Lucy. Not sure what we would do without her she is such a big part of the family. Thanks Robin! Dale & Debbie Schmidt

Kayleigh & Kyle – W. Laffyette, IN


Onyx became a part of our family in September 2014. Onyx loves kids, playing with other dogs, and is one smart pup! He knows over 20 tricks and commands- and that includes hand signals.  Even though he initially did not enjoy cuddling, he is one cuddly dude now. He’s protective and lets us know when someone is at the door. He loves baths and does not mind mom grooming him. He also enjoys toys that squeak, playing ball, running figurates, the snow, and anything with peanut butter. Onyx has been one of the best decisions we have ever made in our lives. He brings so much joy to our family and will continue to for many years to come.

Randy & Nina – Chicago, IL


We purchased Gatsby from Fawn River Kennels in May of 2016. We brought home a happy and healthy puppy. He’s a quick learner, well behaved, and extremely sweet.
We would highly recommend purchasing a labradoodle from them. They were friendly, accommodating, and easy to work with! 

Debbie & family – MI

We picked up our Labradoodle puppy, Riley, from Fawn River Kennels in May, 2016. Robin and his family have been great to deal with! Riley was well cared for and well socialized before we brought her home. Since then, Robin has checked in with us
often and had answered all our questions. I would definitely go to Fawn River again!

Whitney – Indianapolis, IN

My entire experience with Robin and Fawn River Kennels has been great! I picked out my puppy, Murphy soon after he was born and received updates often with pictures and picked him up in December of 2016. I actually took my dad with me to pick out a puppy and he enjoyed them so much he talked my mom into getting Murphy’s brother. He is great with people, kids and other animals. Murphy is almost 4 months old and has been a great addition to my home and now I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Jason & Erin – Livonia, MI

We got Harper from Robin and Trina in August 2015. He brings us so much joy! So much joy that as this recommendation is being written we’re on our way to pick up another pup (Moxie) from Fawn River Kennels!

We found them through a friend who also got a pup from them and have been very pleased with the communication and process of getting our new additions.

Both Robin and Trina have been wonderful at communicating and sending pictures and updates regularly. Even after we adopted Harper they welcomed pictures as he grew and continued the communication. We would recommend them to anyone!
Parents of Harper and Moxie

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