Stud Service Contract

Jack our red CKC mini poodle weighs 13 lb. and he has beautiful puppies. He is great for goldendoodle, labradoodles or any small breed.  His fee is $800.

Remi our CKC red parti standard poodle weighs 50 lb. He has gorgeous puppies with beautiful coloring and markings. He has the merle gene. He has beautiful puppies with Bernese mountain dogs, bernedoodle, goldendoodle and labradoodles. He throws tri colors, parti, chocolates and reds. He has had some big litters as well as many as 13. His fee is $1000. His colors panel is ee/kyky/ayat/DD/Bb/spsp/M*m/FF

Toby is our mini f1bb goldendoodle weighing in at 20 lbs. He is a beautiful red with white markings. He is a new stud and has had some pretty pups. He had reds and reds with white markings and some parti colored. His fee is $800.

Liam is our toy poodle, he weighs around 10lbs. He has had one litter of pups and had pretty red to apricots with some white markings. His fee is $800.

Joey is our AKC registered toy poodle. He weighs in at 12lb. He has two litters that aren’t born yet and we can’t wait to meet them. His colors are ee/kBky/intense red/atat/BB/Ssp/FF. His fee is $800 it will go up to $1000 later in 2022.

Ryder is our CKC registered money sized poodle. He weighs around 25lb. We are expecting his first litters in a month or so. His color panel is Ee/ata/Bb/cdcd/FF/kyky/M*m/Ssp. His fee is $800 and it will go up to $1000 later in 2022.

We require a fee of $150 at drop-off, (payable thru PayPal or cash). If there is a successful tie this will come off of the total fee, if for some reason there isn’t a tie whether it is due to missed cycle dates or female not cooperating, this fee is non refundable.

We also offer AI services and progesterone testing. Contact us for more info.